August 13, 2018: Day 2 – Job 2

Once again we see that Satan is in the company of God…, that might be problematic to some at face value.  God kind of brags and says: Do you see how good Job is doing.  He hasn’t doubted me for a second.  Satan responds and says, well, that’s easy enough.  You didn’t let me touch his body.  If I were to afflict him physically he would turn on you in a second.  Okay, God responds, go ahead and try, see what happens, but just don’t kill him, okay, please?

I did take some artistic liberty with this, but that is the gist of what happens.  Satan afflicts Job terribly and his wife is the first to tell him to confess his sin so that life can return to normal.  His wife represents the common thinking that the only reason why bad things happen is because you have done something bad.  Bad things don’t happen to good people.  We know that this is simply not true.  I think his wife is a lot less helpful than his friends at this stage of the story.  At this stage they come and sit with him for seven days just to listen and because they know the gravity of the situation.  

We are introduced to his friends who will be with him for pretty much the entirety of the rest of the book of Job.  Their demeanor and their council will change from silent listeners, to those with advice that isn’t the soundest.  But until then…

5 thoughts on “August 13, 2018: Day 2 – Job 2

  1. Erica Reinmiller

    Job is probably one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Just within the first two chapters, Job shows such faith beyond belief, such courage and wisdom, and strangely enough, I get a sense of calm from him. Never did he anger, yell, or argue. His actions, based on his situation and the circumstances around him, are remarkable!

    1. kcooper

      Yes, what an incredible example. I think he is second only to Jesus in going through life situations that are obviously unjust and that he doesn’t deserve, and yet, as you said, he perseveres. What a great example!

  2. Kathy Eisenhauer

    This is a really good example that sometimes what we really need is just friends who will empathize and listen. Hopefully they were also praying for Job. So many times things happen where the outcome just cannot be changed by us. We must rely on God to make it better. Tell your friends you understand and then PRAY!


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