November 14, 2020: Day 84 – Ezekiel 32

We begin this chapter with another oracle against Egypt and its impending doom.  Like the previous chapter a reference to its great Nile and that Egypt, like a fish, will be brought up onto dry land so that the surrounding nations can feast and gorge on its downfall.  The lamentations of the people of Egypt is widespread and pretty significant.  The destruction of Egypt is historical because of its place in history as one of the most powerful and indestructible nations on the earth.  But as we see with all things, God is able to bring the proud and the mighty to their knees.  Nothing is able to face up to the power and presence of God, no matter how powerful or well known a nation might be.  A good reminder whenever we think that we are untouchable.

But the chapter then transitions from Egypt to all of the nations that were involved in antagonism against Israel and the people of God.  Assyria will be destroyed, Elam will be destroyed, Meshech and Tubal will be destroyed, Edom, Sidonians will be destroyed.   Notice how they are described: “went down uncircumcised into the world below.”  That is probably the worst status possible in the eyes of the Israelite.  To be uncircumcised means that you have no part of God’s presence.  On top of that you go to the world below which is not where God is at all, so you have a bit of a double whammy.  

For each of the nations they are described negatively as the uncircumcised.  They say misery loves company, and we find in vs.31 that Pharaoh is consoled because he sees all the other nations being destroyed just like his troops were destroyed.  So he that going for him.  

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