June 13, 2022: Day 125 – I Chronicles 11-15 and Psalm 28

We transitioned away from Saul and his death to now David ruling Israel and his primary foe is the Philistines.  You can find just about all of these same stories in I Samuel and so if you think you have heard these stories before, you probably have especially if you have been following along we looked at David and his the early days of his reign in March.

I hope you notice that before he went into battle he asked the Lord for advice as to whether he should go into battle or not.  Once God says yes, go into battle, and the second time he says no, but go into battle this way.  God gives actual tactical advice and how to place your troops and where to place your troops.  

This  section ends with the ark of the tabernacle being transported correctly to Jerusalem and it hangs out in a tent.  It will take David’s son, Solomon, before the temple is built.

Psalm 28 end with the psalmist requesting God to be the shepherd of his people.  I love that image, God as a shepherd of his people.

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