June 14, 2022: Day 126 – I Chronicles 16-20 and Psalm 29

We begin in I Chronicles with basically the same words as what we find in Psalm 29.  So, I Chronicles 16 looks like it is taken from Psalm 29.  I love the repeating words which  n state “the voice of the Lord…” and then some sort of poweful event takes place.  The most powerful event that takes place where the voice of the Lord speaks is seen in Genesis 1 in creation.  God speaks and creation happens.  The Word of the Lord is all poweful and without comparison.  That is why the Gospel of John is able to say…”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  This is for us as Christians a direct reference to the power of Jesus in our midst.

So we covered Psalm 29 but Chronicles continues to document the battles and the wars of David as he takes out not only the Philistines but anyone who comes in his way including the Ammonites and those who become their allies.  There is a clouded reference to Goliath and his type of people as they are called the giants and David’s brother Jonathan who brings down one of those people.  

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