Day 187 – May 2, 2024: Zechariah 6-10 and Psalm 82

We find another very familiar passage in Zechariah and this time it is from chapter 9 verse 9 where we see mention of the liberator of Israel riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Now, he parleys this ride into Jerusalem on a donkey into a battle where blood is shed and where the Lord conquers all, so it is not at all the Prince of Peace riding into Jerusalem, as we are accustomed to thinking on Palm Sunday, but rather a real warrior who battles and will battle for His people. So while the donkey verse is similar, the whole concept is very, very different from what we are used to and what we have been trained to expect.

We also see in chapter 10 a theme that is mentioned in Ezekiel as well which is the way in which the shepherds of the people, that would be the religious leaders so in our time it would be the pastors, have let down their down and only pursued their own desires and wishes to be exalted into positions of power. It is a real warning against the court evangelicals that would lift up their own political agendas against the desires of the kingdom of God which we see so clearly in Matthew 25. Just a warning as we continue to move toward a time where the shepherds of the people of God need to remain focused on those who are on the margins of society and not seek the power that corrupts absolutely.

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