Day 175 – April 17, 2024: Ezekiel 26-30 and Psalm 63

There is a clear transition from the previous chapters where Israel and Judah were clearly pointed out as people who had rebelled against God and who were going to be punished as a result of their sin and their unfaithfulness. That was then, but now we see prophecies that speak out against the surrounding nations of Israel and Judah and how God is going to come and execute judgment against them. We see a judgment against Tyre and then also against Egypt and Ethiopia and other nations that historically were enemies of the people of God.

Not only are these chapters prophecies against the other nations but we also see promises that God will rebuild His people and His land. So for chapter after chapter we see how unfaithful we have been, we now see that even in our unfaithfulness we are not forgotten and God will never turn His back on us. Psalm 63 provides us with continued relief in knowing that God will remain faithful to us, even while we were still sinners.

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