April 26, 2022: Day 89 – Isaiah 29-32 and Matthew 4

There is no secret in being able to understand better the words of Isaiah as we make our way through this book of the Bible directed to a divided kingdom of the people of God who are disobedient and have sold themselves out to other nations and to the gods of other nations.  While chapter 29 has a warning for Jerusalem, it also speaks of a time when the city, and the nation, will rebound and be protected by God.  Notice that Jerusalem is called Ariel which means literally: lion of God, since the tribe of Judah, which was David’s lineage, has as its symbol the lion.

There are a number of warnings against nations that would strike out against the people of Israel, including some warnings on the people of Israel aligning themselves too closely to either Egypt or other nations for refuge or deliverance.  Chapter 32 provides some insight into what the kingdom of God might look like.  It is not a place where fools are suffered lightly.

Matthew 4 gives us the tempation of Christ in the desert with his corresponding responses to Satan all from the Bible.  We see that Capernaum becomes the city of Jesus which is where he goes to live for a period of time.  

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