October 10, 2020: Day 49 – Jeremiah 49

Let me clarify and make correct what I said about the last chapter.  I said that Moab was Lot’s son, that is not correct.  Go to Genesis 19:30-38 and you see the terrible depiction of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the ensuing scene of Lot with his two daughters in a cave.  Not really sermon material, at least, I have chosen not to preach from this Scripture.  You see that each daughter had a child and the oldest grandchild to Lot is Moab and the child born to the youngest daughter is Ammon.  Last chapter we had an oracle against the Moabites, this chapter we have an oracle against the Ammonites.  Throughout this entire book of the Bible we see that no one is immune from the commandments of God.

You will also see that these chapters are pretty exceptionally long so I hope you are able to hang in there and make it through.

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