October 9, 2020: Day 48 – Jeremiah 48

A whole chapter, and a long one at that, dedicated to Moab and its impending destruction.  A little something about Moab.  Moab was a city which often was considered part of Israel, which makes sense.  Originally Abraham’s nephew, Lot, had a son and his name was Moab.  It is from that line of people that the Moabites come.  But they over time become enemies of Israel and often we find them in the Bible as a nation bringing destruction down upon Israel.  

But as we read about the impending destruction it ought to strike us how an entire chapter is dedicated to that in Jeremiah.  Jeremiah whose primary, and some would even say sole, responsibility was to lead the people and the leaders of Israel to a closer walk with God.  Why waste your time on Moab?  The answer comes because it was exactly at this time that Moab was overtaken by Babylon just like Israel was.  So Moab which was considered a presence to be dealt with falls hard to Babylon just like the rest of the surrounding countries.

It is a reminder that whenever we think we are immune or that we can somehow escape judgment and failure, we are reminded that the rain falls on both the good and the bad.  We should never take confidence in our status, but rather just in the presence of the Lord.

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