December 26, 2018: Day 25- Isaiah 21

I encourage you to follow the map that I attached when we started to look at Isaiah 13.  Follow along in the reading of chapter 21 and you will see all of the places mentioned in the map.  I wish I could say that there was a neat and orderly system that Isaiah follows which takes us from north to south or east to west, but no, I can’t say that.

It is interesting that the first oracle is concerning the wilderness of the sea.  Keep in mind that the Israelites were terrified of the sea and considered all bad things as having their source in the sea.  You can find in the Psalms many examples of the Leviathan that lives in the sea, and other creatures which describe the sea as a place that is not friendly.  In this oracle we find the demise of Babylon.

These oracles really do give us an insight into Isaiah’s prophecies against the historical sworn enemies of the Israelites and how God would vanquish them and give the Israelites victory…one day.

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