June 4, 2022: Day 119 – Zephaniah 1-3 and Psalm 9 and 11 and Proverbs 11

Zephaniah contains the words of the prophet who prophesies against the nation of Judah during the reign of Josiah who turned out to be one of the more righteous kings that the south ever had.  But Zephaniah’s warnings are meant to remind the people that the worship of God had to be pure and without blemish.  He speaks about the future of Jerusalem as one of a city of oppressors.  The primary complaint that the prophet has is that were not righteous and the poor were not taken care of.

In the Psalms you have David writing about his God who will deliver him from the day of trouble.  Interestingly enough the psalm is to be sung to the tune: “The death of a son.”  You would think that it would be written around the time of Absalom who died as a result of David’s unfaithfulness with Bathsheeba.

Proverbs once again lays out the dichotomy between a righteous person and a person who follows the way of the foolish.  

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