Day 104 – January 15, 2024: I Kings 16-19, James 4-5

Keep in mind that we are now looking at the Northern Kingdom all the while in the South Asa is reigning over Judah. We are now fully in what is called the divided kingdom with emphasis on the north and all that is happening there. We are introduced to the prophet Elijah who was a prophet in the North and all the atrocities and the apostasy which was present in that region. Ahab is seen as the worst with him following Baal whole heartedly. He was also the one responsible for making the capital of the North Samaria.

The encounter between the prophets of Ahab and Jezebel is legendary with Elijah conquering and killing the prophets once he wins. What is also legendary is the still small voice which manifests itself as the presence of the Lord over the wind, earthquake, fire, and all the other natural elements that one would think would be the presence of God. This is a great section with a lot of stories, the widow and her son for example, that are keepers and remind us of what we can do if we were just to have the faith of a mustard seed.

James also mentions Elijah as on who had the prayer of faith and was able to stop the rain for 3 and a half years and bring down the rain after that. I found this to be a meaningful section.

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