December 2, 2019: Day 79 – Zechariah 7

In this Scripture we are told exactly when Zechariah received this word from the Lord.  In vs. 1 all those funny words translate to December 7, 518 BC.  Zechariah is given a reminder of the way that things used to be.  “Jerusalem was inhabited and in prosperity along with the towns around it.”  We get in the following verses an understanding of what created this time of prosperity.  It was not right thinking, it was right acting.

If you look at vs.9 we see that in the time of prosperity people rendered true judgment, showed kindness and mercy to one another, did not oppress the widow or the orphan or the immigrant or the poor.  Instead, the opposite happened, they looked internally and tried to make sure that they had what they needed at the expense of those above.  God doesn’t play that way.  God doesn’t like that.  God moves in a different direction than those who are selfishly focused on their own needs.  It is a good lesson for all of us today.