March 16, 2017: Day 75 – Psalm 75

We are halfway through.  Hard to believe that it was 75 days ago that we started this challenge on Sunday, January 1.  I want to focus on vs. 7 which reminds us that it is God who puts one down and lifts up another.  Judgment comes from the Lord.  But then look at vs.10 where it seems that the author is going to take matters into his own hands.  “I will cut off the horns off the wicked.”  Not the Lord will do it, but the author himself will do it.  

Let’s talk about what exactly the author means when he talks about horns.  It has to mean the source of power.  You see Samuel in I Samuel 16:13 who takes the “horn” of oil to anoint David as king.  The horn contained that which symbolically made David king.  The horn was also the source of power for the ram, which was caught in the thicket when Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac.  So the horn would be the root and the source of power.  That which could hurt the most and that which was given by the Lord to give us blessings and power.  

It is probably better to allow the Lord to cut off those horns and leave the living within God’s parameters to us.  

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