Day 196 – May 15, 2024: Psalms 93-98

There are a number of psalms that we read today which have a common theme and that theme is one of calling people to worship. Psalm 95 calls people to worship and also requires obedience from them. This Psalm which commands us to sing a song to the Lord is reminiscent of the next psalm, 96, which tells us to sing to the Lord a new song. This is one of the primary reasons that we have songs in our worship. We are commanded to sing to the Lord. It isn’t just because music and song move us in a certain way, but because we are actually commanded to sing to the Lord. Don’t you often find yourself humming or singing a song to the Lord, or is it just me?

Psalm 98 strengthens this command to sing to the Lord a new song. But it also lays out the various instruments that we are to use in order to praise God. There should be no argument that God requires us to sing to him and praise him in a new way and in creative ways. No one instrument or no one form of worship was instituted by God, but rather a command to do it new day after day.

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