Day 197 – May 16, 2024: Psalms 99-104

A number of these Psalms have inspired praise songs that I love and which I want to share with you. When I read Psalm 103, and we are going in no particular order, I can’t help but think of the song below.

Then when I read Psalm 100 I can’t help but remember a story that my dad told me of his first Easter Sunday when he was an associate pastor at a big church and he was tasked with giving the call to worship. He stood up in front of the congregation on this most important of Sundays and began by proclaiming Psalm 100 and he said with gust: “Make a noyful joise to the Lord!” He blew it, but the congregation laughed and loved him even more after that.

When I read Psalm 99 I can’t help but think of this song that extols the greatness of our God. I hope you enjoy these praise songs as they bring us to a place where we worship the Lord with all instruments, including the instrument of our voice.

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