Day 54 – November 10, 2023: Joshua 13-15 and Acts 13-15

In Joshua we see the dividing of the land, again, and the Levites who have not received land because the sacrifices to the Lord are considered the offering that they will receive. We see Caleb asking Joshua for more land because he was faithful and gave an accurate report of the land when his companion did not and Moses promised him that he would receive the land upon which his foot had trod. Did you see the mention of Gaza? Yes, the name remains the same and the location pretty much as well. There is a strong Zionist thought today that Israel still has rights to that land because God gave it to them here in these verses. This thinking leads people to violence and war because of a past promise which has been rendered null with the coming of Christ.

In Acts we find the travels of Paul and Barnabas. Barnabas is one of my favorite people. His name means the encourager. Chapter 15 is probably the most significant and historical events that takes place in the early church. It is there that the church decides that those who come to know Jesus and are not of Jewish origin, and so not circumcised, do not need to follow the Jewish customs to be Christian. To be a disciple of Jesus of Christ is a matter of faith and not a matter of following the law. This was a hugely contested point but one that eventually wins out. The same could be seen today. What laws, or what cultural requirements do we put on people before we may consider them to be Christian? Being a disciple of Christ is about being a follower and not about being right in the eyes of the church.

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