December 31, 2018: Day 30 – Isaiah 26

We continue our transition from the deserted and desolate land which was struck by the hand of God, to we now find that a song is being sung in Judah where the people say: “we have a strong city.”  What a huge swing in favor and attitude to not only the Lord, but also to life in general.  The author is also able to say with incredible certainty: “Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock.”  A certain trust in the Lord isn’t just temporary, but can be, read should be, forever.  What a huge transition from the fickleness of life to the certainty of the presence of the Lord.  It must have been a good day.

His approach to those who are wicked is curious.   Even if they are exposed to righteousness, even if they are taught the right thing, vs. 10 tells us that they are unable to learn it.  They will still deal perversely with people.  He then uses the example of a woman who is in labor to describe himself and the people of Israel.  But the difference is that the labor just had the pain, there was no product of life which developed after the labor, just wind, as the author states.  It is very much in line with Ecclesiastes.

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