April 5, 2017: Day 95 – Psalm 95

The above song reflects perfectly the beginning of this Psalm.  It is soothing and calming.  I can’t help but think about this week’s events and specifically the chemical bombing that took place in Syria.  What a tragedy which, unfortunately, is not unexpected.  There is nothing soothing and pithy which can in any way cover this sin which has produced incredible suffering.  But remember, it is war.  There is absolutely nothing pretty about war.  It is a tragedy all around.  

I think it is time for a little song medley here.  Enjoy!

Did you notice that there is a transition in who is speaking in this Psalm?  Look at vs.1-7 where we find the author extolling the praises of God the King above all the other gods.  But then there is a transition.  Look at vs.8 and following where it seems as if God is speaking first hand to the listeners.  I do need to say that in those verses there isn’t much kindness and it is a very harsh response and telling of the unfaithfulness of Israel.  

The joy of the King is then transitioned to the wrath of the king.  It is a psalm which has it all.  

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