Day 61 – November 20, 2023: Judges 11-15 and Psalm 49

We begin with Jepthah and this starts a Game or Thrones type sequence where he is cast out and then he wins battles and is brought back in. A lot of intrigue and drama which ends up with Jepthah eventually judging Israel. We have to assume that the judges are placed there by God, even if they arrive at their “throne” by slaughter. Or should I say especially if they arrive at their rule by slaughter. His reign begins ignominously with him giving his daughter over as a human sacrifice. Don’t ask, it’s a long tragic story. Her acceptance of it seems to tell a story as well. What a mess. Notice she isn’t even mentioned by name.

From there we begin the great story of the great Samsom. Even here his life as judge begins in a less than ideal fashion. His father in law and his estranged wife are burned by his enemies as an act of revenge. That act of revenge really comes as a result of his actions so at the root of it Samson is pretty much to be blamed. But we do read consistently that the presence of the Lord, the power of the Holy Spirit resides upon him. That much we know.

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