August 15, 2022: Day 174 – Ezekiel 11-15 and Psalm 61

Ezekiel is once again made an object lesson in how he is to act to demonstrate the Word of the Lord.  Ezekiel is made to be a sign for the people.  There is a judgment on the leaders of Israel, a promised return to Israel, the condemnation of false prophets, and the idolaters condemned.  We have a grape vine that is producing grapes for the first time.  It is very exciting.  He has an image of the grape vine and how it is pretty much useless in regards to wood.  It really isn’t wood and doesn’t serve any purpose aside from facilitating the production of fruit.  But if fruit is not produced, it is useless.  I think you get the point.

The Psalm is a cry for help and a statement of God being our refuge.

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