March 27, 2021: Day 21 – I Chronicles 17

I love this song, slow, thoughtful, inspiring.  But we also hear David say these words to God in vs.20.  So David begins by telling his prophet Nathan that he wants to build God a house.  He doesn’t seem to feel like it is fair that he has a nice house but the ark of the covenant has only had a tabernacle (a moveable structure) and a tent as a home.  Surely God deserves something better!

Nathan agrees with him and tells him to move forward with his plans.  But then God speaks to Nathan at night and says, you know what, I don’t want David to think about my house when I am going to bless his house forever.  So he puts the kabosh to the plan and Nathan tells David.

Notice what happens next.  David goes and thanks the Lord for blessing his house and for securing his future forever.  God promises in vs.13 that “I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to me.  I will not take my steadfast love from him.”  There are some hints to the coming of Jesus through the family of David in these words, but at least to David he received more than he could ever hope for.  He received, as he stated that his house would be established forever.  

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