March 28, 2021: Day 22 – I Chronicles 18

We read about successive victories by David which allows the kingdom to expand.  The numbers are staggering and it becomes clear that all those in the region were lining up to pay homage to David and to make sure that they didn’t get on the wrong side of David.  

I love vs.14 where we read that David reigned over all Israel and “he administered justice and equity to all his people”.  It seems like you can’t have justice without equity.   Isn’t that fascinating.  Justice and equity as necessary components to a ruler and a necessary component to a child of God.  You can render justice but not equally and that makes you a terrible ruler.  If you render justice and show favoritism to some within your reign and come down harder on others in your reign then that is a problem

Now, keep in mind that David was a terribly flawed human being: he committed adultery, he raped a woman, he …you fill in the blank.  This does not excuse him and this certainly does not create a special category of national leaders who may be terribly flawed and clearly imperfect and yet like David God has smiled upon them.  No, then it would be that those who are more flawed would be more likely to receive God’s blessings.  No, that is not the case.  What, are we to sin more to receive more of God’s grace?  Paul comes strongly on the side of no, we are not by any means.  Flawed leaders are not excused from any of their flaws.  It prevents them from serving God as they should, it doesn’t help them serve God.

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