September 26, 2019: Day 12 – I Samuel 12

We have a summary statement of Samuel and in some ways also a clearing of his name.  He calls the people together and says that he is in their presence as is his children.  Look at vs.2 where he says that he is old, but his kids are there.  But remember what it was that caused the people of Israel to ask for a king?  The corruption of the sons of Samuel caused the people to lose faith in the efficacy of the priestly class.  He calls the people out and asks them, have I ever been corrupt?  Have I ever stolen anything from any of you?  They all answer together that they are witnesses that Samuel has not been corrupt.  He doesn’t ask if his children were corrupt, but he just wants to clear his name.

As a result he gives the people the history of the judges, of which he considers himself one.  He tells the people of Israel this is the end of an era.  You asked for a king, now you will get a king.  But, this king will serve you no purpose if you do not obey the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength.  A king is not going to solve your problems.  In fact, Samuel expresses disappointment that the people couldn’t just view God as king and carry on with life as he, Samuel, judges the nation of Israel.  But you asked for a king, now you have one.  Saul is your king.  Just to prove my point I’m going to make it rain and thunder in the middle of the most important time of year for you, your wheat harvest.  Not the nicest thing to do, but he does prove his point.  

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