July 24, 2019: Day 88 – Habakkuk 3

This final chapter is more of a song and it is designed to be used in a house of worship.  You can see that from the very beginning to its intermediary Selah stances after vs.3, 9, and 13 that this was meant for a choirmaster  to put it together to song and musical instruments.   When we read about  Shigionoth in vs.1 we find that name also mentioned in Psalm 7.  We don’t know what it means, but again, it is another piece of evidence that this “prayer” was supposed to be put to some music.  

So we finish this book of the Bible and we also finish another 90 Day Challenge.  We find ourselves with only 16 books left out of 66 books of the Bible.  We are almost there!

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