March 30, 2021: Day 24 – I Chronicles 20

This might seem a bit random.  But when we are talking about giants in this chapter, I have to give you a clip of one of my favorite giants, Shrek!  There are some familiar names in this account that we should be able to follow.  If you want to look at David’s defeat of Goliath you can go to I Samuel 17:4.  Here we see that Golitah’s brother is defeated by one of David’s soldiers, Elhanan, vs.5.  You probably want an answer to the question about…giants?  It really is one of those things that we cannot explain.  I know nothing about modern day giants.  I don’t know how to explain it away.  I have no reason to believe that the Bible is wrong so if it says that there were giants living thousands of years ago, okay, I’ll believe it.  Why would I not?  I can’t prove it scientifically, nor do I believe that it is important to prove it at all.

Don’t you love how this chapter begins?  Spring is the time that kings go out to battle.  Now I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t apply to my brothers and I who are going to be meeting in April to battle it out in the first annual Bronkema Olympics.  We aren’t kings, and the battle that we are doing really doesn’t have anything to do with what David and his generals were doing. 

Will you also notice that David did take people and enslave them, adding another layer to his flawed character.  You can see that in vs.3, and it says that he did this to all the nations that he conquered, and there were quite a few. 

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