Day 69 – November 30, 2023: I Samuel 16-20 and Psalm 59

We begin our time with David, and it is a really good time. Samuel annoints David and this chapter gives us on one of the most powerful verses in the whole Old Testament. Look at I Samuel 16:7 where we find a reminder that God’s intent is to look upon our hearts and his desire is not all about our appearance. But apparently David had both, the heart and the appearance. The Spirit of the Lord descended upon him. The next chapter we have the great story of David and Goliath. Again, this is proof of what the presence of God is able to do for us. It allows us to overcome all odds. Saul then changes his atitude toward David, another proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I don’t want us to miss the relationship between David and Jonathan. They truly loved each other in a way that brothers love each other. I could see this relationship in a way that brothers might love each other when one parent is looking to harm one of the children and the other child comes to their defense. This is what happens with David and Jonathan. Remember David promised to not hurt the family of Jonathan when he came into power. The fact that David was going to eventually come into power is basically a foregone conclusion by this point. But that wouldn’t be strange, he was, after all, the king’s son in law. Who else would come into power, Jonathan? This is the pretext that Saul gives at the end of these chapters for why he is looking to kill David, so that his own son would be able to take the throne when he is gone.

Psalm 59 is a song about David’s time while he is being pursued by Saul. Notice the end of the Psalm, verses 16-17 where David reminds his audience of the faithfulness of God. God is faithful and will remain faithful forever.

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