March 13, 2021: Day 7 – I Chronicles 3

Did I mention that we are going to be seeing a bunch genealogies over this book of the Bible?  Well, I think I was right.  This is one of the reasons why I kept Chronicles for last because I wanted to be sure that we made it through the other books of the Bible before we get caught up and stuck in Chronicles.  Interestingly enough all of these names you should have heard before.  I almost said you should be familiar with them, but having read them just a couple times in Kings and Samuel doesn’t make you familiar with them, it just means that you have seen them once or twice before.  

This chapter starts off with King David and all of his progeny.  It is interesting, and I hope you caught this, that Chapter 1 began with Adam and those who came from him.  Adam tends to be a pretty important person in the Bible.  Chapter 2 starts with Jacob, or Israel, and all of his progeny.  Jacob tends to be a pretty important person in the Bible.  Now, chapter 3 starts with David, also a pretty important person in the Bible.  If you are able to understand the Old Testament as broken down historically with Adam, Jacob/Israel, and David, you will understand much of it and how God’s hand has been at work for thousands of generations.  We are a part of that story.  Don’t ever forget from where you come not only as an individual, but also as believers in Jesus Christ.  This is part of our story, this is His-story and our story.

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