June 7, 2018: Day 54 – Leviticus 14

Apparently houses can get leprosy as well.  We get a lot of water in our basement and just over this past year we have put a dehumidifier down there to prevent the mold from creeping up the walls and into our main living area.  It has worked. We no longer have mold downstairs, but I never thought for a moment that it might have been leprosy.  Back in Moses’ day there was no explanation for a lot of things.  If you had leprosy then you must have sinned in some way.  As a result you were required to make sacrifices as sin offerings.  We no longer equate disease and illness with sin.  We don’t say that a person has cancer because they have turned their back on God.  No, we say that a person has cancer because medically they were predisposed to cancer cells reproducing in their bodies.

As we read along in Leviticus it is important to make distinctions between that which the people in that day simply did not know and what was used as an effective tool to draw people closer to God.  There is nothing wrong in asking God to bless your house.  But if you have some mold in your house it is not a result of your family’s sin or do you necessarily have to tear it down brick for brick.  Some things change, but the basic fundamental relationship with our Savior, and His desire for our heart, does not change.

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