Day 133 – February 22, 2024: II Chronicles 22-26 and Psalm 121

We continue along in our recounting of the kings of Judah. Remember, this is a narrative of the kings of the southern kingdom with the northern kings being mentioned as much as they overlap with the southern kings. We see Athaliah, the mother of one of the kings, who takes over the reigns and is in power for more than a handful of years. We see Joash who repairs the temple and as along as the good priest is in power with him things go well. Once the priest dies then things go poorly.

We also see the mention of a few of the prophets that we recognize like Zechariah and Isaiah. They are mentioned as keeping the kings along the straight and narrow. But that doesn’t last.

We end our readings with Psalm 121, one of the best known Psalms next to 23. The pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem would say this psalm repeatedly, and when they arrived on the Mount of Olives they could triumphantly say: I lift up mine eyes to the hills. The hills would be the hill upon which Jerusalem sat, because she clearly sits upon a hill. Powerful psalm that could be memorized and stay with us for eternity.

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