Day 152 – March 18, 2024: Job 38-42

And so the story ends. God does finally speak and he speaks to Job as someone who is guilty. He asks Job who is the creator? He also asks Job who continues to have a hand in all that takes place and who continues to have all wisdom beyond understanding. There is nothing that escapes the hand of the Lord, nothing. There is a theory in some circles that God created and then left us to our own devices. This book of the Bible speaks strongly against that approach. God created and continues to have a hand in all things.

When Job is confronted he did what was necessary. He confessed that he did not know what he was saying and states that he repents in dust and ashes because he spoke that which he did not know. This approach to humility was what was necessary for all of the people involved. In fact, God demands a sacrifice of humility from the friends of Job who had accosted him verbally while he was down and out.

As a result of this sacrifice and the praying of Job over his friends, for God would only accept Job’s prayers and not those of his friends, as a result of the prayers of Job God listens and even doubles the prosperity of Job from what he had before. All is well that ends well. He even has more kids including one daughter whose name was Jemimah. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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