April 22, 2021: Day 47 – II Chronicles 14

We find ourselves with another king who was pleasing in the sight of the Lord.  One of the primary characteristics that makes a king pleasing in the sight of the Lord is the fact that they do not worship other gods and that they dismantle the high places for these other gods that other people may have established.  So while Asa did what was good in the sight of the Lord that consisted primarily of what we find he did in vs.3: “He took away the foreign altars and the high places…”  

As a result there was peace in the kingdom.  We find an example of where Asa and Judah was terribly outnumbered.  They were up against a million men, but notice only 300 chariots.  That is curious.  But still the sheer numbers you think would strike fear in anyone’s heart.  Can you imagine if you are a soldier and you see a million men staring at you ready to take the fight to you?  In fact, Asa goes to the Lord and asks for deliverance and it is provided to him.  It states that the Ethiopians “were broken before the Lord and his army.”  It is good to have the Lord on your side.

I ran into this video and I thought it was appropriate as we think about what it means that God is on my side.

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