Day 189 – May 6, 2024: Revelation 1-6

There really isn’t much specific to say about Revelation. To start with, it is not plural it is singular. Many make the mistake of calling this book with its plural, similar to when we read a Psalm a person identifies it with the plural often. But the term Revelation in the Greek is Apocalypse of John. This term apocalypse identifies the end times and when Christ will come again, and identifies the main thrust of this book of the Bible.

It would not serve anyone to try to diagnose each of the images that are given to us. It is a writing that describes to a persecuted community that one day Jesus will come back and conquer the Roman empire. All of the metaphors relate to modern events in the 1st century which are signs according to the author John, that Jesus is on his way back to take us with him. If you want to identify Revelation with a single theme you can use this one: NO COMPROMISE!

John is writing to a community that daily has a difficult decision before them. Do we stay with the faith and be killed or do we turn our back on Jesus and the community of believers and deny the faith, apostasy is the term, and so save our lives? This is where Jesus’ words ring especially true when he says those who would save their life will lose it and those who are willing to lose their life for His sake, will keep it. We do not live in such an intense environmnet, but the theme of NO COMPROMISE rings true for all of us.

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