May 25, 2022: Day 111 – Joel 1-3 and Psalm 138

When we look at the minor prophets, such as Joel, we need to know that they were written primarily in the time when the both the nations of Israel and Judah were in captivity.  As a result there will be words that predict doom and destruction as well as restoration.  We find that in Joel.  We read about the day of the Lord that is to come and it is not a day that we often imagine.  When we think of Jesus coming back again we often think of a celebration that will take place as he takes his people to him.  We don’t often think about a day of destruction, but that is what Joel speaks about.

We also see in Joel the verses that we often use to describe the day of Pentecost in 2:28-29 where we see that all flesh will have the Holy Spirit poured out upon them.  There is also the reverse of what we read in Isaiah that we often quote as a time of peace in 3:10 where the plowshares become swords and the pruning hooks spears.  Not the promise of peace which we come to expect with the kingdom of God being established.

When we look at Psalm 138 we find a psalm of thanksgiving by David which reminds us that the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever.  That is a good one to end on.

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