April 3, 2021: Day 28 – I Chronicles 24

We once again are focusing on what it took to run the temple and the people who were put in charge of running the temple.  All of these names and responsibilities that were carried out by people within that family were seen back in the day of Aaron.  You can see that in vs.19 where we read that this was all “according to the procedure established for them by their ancestor Aaron.”

Today, it is actually April 7 today and I am doing a little catch up, I spent a few hours with our clerk of session going over a formulation of by-laws for the church.  We don’t really have any for our congregation and so we were putting together some so that we can have something in paper that will guide and direct procedure and process.  Many times throughout this time we used the phrase: institutional memory to recall that certain things have been done in a certain way in this church even if it is not written down that this is the way that it ought to be done.  But it is so important to write it down and to ensure that they are done in a way that is decent and in order.  

Our denomination is known for doing things in a way that is supposed to create order and continuity, even if the process isn’t completely clear at all times, it ought to be.  Here the temple was run in a certain way all the way back to the times of Aaron.  There is a certain comfort in knowing that we are involved in the life of the church in a way that is consistent through many generations, even all the way back to 1832.

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