April 2, 2021: Day 27 – I Chronicles 23

The temple, even before it was built, needed a group, really a class, of people who would have certain responsibilities over the running of the temple.  David chose those who would be ensuring the smooth running of the temple from the family of Levi.  It took thousands of them so that they would be officers and judges, others gatekeepers, some were musicians and singers.  Think of the logistical energy that went into putting this together.

As we have transitioned to ensuring that we will always have an opportunity to worship online the team of people that we need on Sunday mornings has grown quite a bit.  While in the past we could get away with one in the back, now we need at least 3 people for each service, and actually having 4 would be the ideal.  If there were one family who would constantly supply us with the people that we needed in order to run the logistics on Sunday morning that would eliminate a lot of anxiety and scheduling.  David was able to tap into the family of Levi who: “were to do the work for the service of the house of the Lord.”