April 28, 2020: Day 87 – Song of Solomon 4

For some reason this song made me think of this chapter of Scripture.  

The man speaks and he describes the beauty of his bride.  If you look at vs.7 this is where I see a parallel to this song which describes the beauty of the act that the Lord took in sending His Son to die for us.  This description from the man is very detailed and allows the woman to hear how much he loves her.  We shouldn’t be critical that he only addresses her physical attributes, because she does the same.  There is a consistency in describing that which is pleasing which is sensual.  The word sensual comes from the senses and here the sense of touch, the sense of seeing, the sense of taste, the sense of smell, all of them are addressed in a most marvelous way.

There is a description of the beloved which touches upon all of the senses.  This is a great way to think of those that we love in this way, all of our senses ought to be inflamed with passion for the one that we love.  All of our senses ought to be aroused when we are with our love.  Okay, that is probably enough for today, but this Scripture absolutely takes us to this place.

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