April 27, 2020: Day 86 – Song of Solomon 3

We find Solomon mentioned here and it is because of this that it is thought that he is the author of this book of the Bible.  Once again we have the warning of not stirring up love until you are ready which is found in vs.5 with the identical words that we saw in the previous chapter.  

During the end of the last chapter and the entire chapter here we have the woman speaking about her love whom she searches.  She finds him in the person of King Solomon.  We find described a search in the city streets for him, and he was not to be found.  But when he was found he was brought into the chambers of the woman’s family.  We see an image of him coming in a spectacle with a chair and fragrance and a typical wedding day which was laid out for Solomon.  We find the woman describing her marriage, basically, to Solomon.  We will transition next to the man’s words to the woman in the next chapter.

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