October 23, 2020: Day 62 – Ezekiel 10

While this chapter can be extremely confusing, if you look at the overarching theme we find it as God is working in complete concert with God’s creation.  All that God does, all that God says, all that God creates, all that God makes happen is working in the same direction and is working in concert.  Nothing from God is contradictory to that which is God’s intention.  All that God does, we also read in  the New Testament, is to ensure that all things work together for our good.  So when you read about the wheels turning and they are always moving in the same direction and there is no tension and there is no contradictory movements away or stresses which strain the movement of God or his creatures, then we can take that God is always working in concert to ensure that all things work together for God for those who trust and love Him.  

But while we are talking about wheels in the sky, don’t I have to insert this?  

The presence of this guy in white linen at the beginning of this chapter is the same one who had served the chapter before as the great executioner, now serves as the great pyromaniac who sets Jerusalem on fire.  God’s destruction is not finished.  But then when he includes the four creatures, which we saw earlier who represent the Gospels in latter Christian art, shows that God is pulling things together on the earth so that there can be a remnant and a hope for those who still do love the Lord.  

That is encouraging to us because we know that no matter how far we go from God He will always welcome us back, even if he has already turned is eye against us.  

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