April 19, 2021: Day 44 – II Chronicles 11

We now find the kingdom divided.  Just like that, after decades of rule by David and Solomon the first in line after them loses the northern kingdom, which is called Israel.  God tells the king not to go after Jeroboam in the north because this was from God.  Notice, that no sooner had the kingdom divided then the north begins to worship calves and other gods which were not inspired by the Lord.  All those who wanted to serve the Lord had to flee to the south in order to be in the presence of the Lord in the temple and to be out of the way of those who were sacrificing to false gods.

We then find the king and his wives and his concubines.  It always strikes me that this was a normal thing back then not only to have multiple wives but also to have multiple concubines.  He alone had 16 wives and 60 concubines.  There is never a word of explanation or any word that would give us the context as to why this is okay.  It is just a matter of fact.  As a matter of fact we know that today this is not okay and not at all what God would want any of us to do, either male or female.

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