Day 18 – September 25, 2023: Exodus 19-21

Whenever we have optional readings we will not cover them on the days that they have asterixes but on the days that they are listed as mandatory reading. Today, the Matthew Scripture I will not comment on, but feel free to read it! Who doesn’t love a good sermon on the mount coverage? Now to the Scripture. God reveals himself powefully, really powerfully to the people of Israel and reveals himself directly to Moses on the mountain.

We had the opportunity to climb up Mount Sinai and it really was a surreal experience. Being able to be in the place where you knew that God was present and where God presented Moses with the 10 commandments was something else. About those commandments. If you hadn’t noticed the first 4 cover our relationship with God and the last six cover our relationship with each other. This cover’s Jesus’ statement when asked what is the greatest of all commandments and he says: love God and love your neighbor.

It is very disturbing that there are laws not only justifying, but actually describing how to own slaves. It is another proof that all Scripture needs to be read throug the eyes of Jesus.

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