Day 161 – March 30, 2024: Jeremiah 13-17

There is a whole lot of destruction going on and a very unhappy God who is speaking to us. The bottom line is that Israel has been unfaithful and continues to be unfaithful. As a result God will abandon Israel to its own doings and will not support them when they are in need. It is a clear case of a conditional covenant where God agrees to protect and defend Israel if, and only if, they would obey the Lord. But since they do not obey…, well then they are going to end up going into exile and God will not protect them from going into exile.

Eventually God will bring them back to the land, but not until their nakedness is exposed. That’s the terminology that is used. A woman whose skirts are lifted over their head. The shame of Israel is a result of her disobedience.

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