June 18, 2019: Day 52 – Joshua 18

Did I mention that Levi does not get a land inheritance?  This is mentioned once again.  We find this chapter once again going over the inheritance of the land to the tribes, but we find a frustrated Joshua because the people of Israel had not started to claim the land that they were given by the Lord.  Joshua says to them: “How long will you be slack about going in and taking possession of the land that the Lord…has given you?”  You must hear some frustration in that comment.  As a result we find that the people of Israel are charged by Joshua to get up and go and claim the land.  We find in vs.8 that this actually happens.  I do notice that the people seem to listen to Joshua much more than they did to Moses, and the complaints seem to be kept to a minimum, nothing at all like what Moses experienced.

Hopefully that weeding out process actually did what it was supposed to do.  You know, that process whereby all of their parents had to die off before they were allowed to enter the promised land.  That should have been remembered by the current residents.  Not something you would ever forget.

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