August 18, 2022: Day 177 – Ezekiel 26-30 and Psalm 30

God has the prophet speak out agains the former enemies of Israel and address how Babylon is going to conquer them as well.  Tyre was seen as the jewel in the Mediterranean but God prophecies its destruction.  It is a city set on the seashore and it was an example of trading success.  But that will come to an end when Babylon invades.  Once again, God is seen using Babylon, and enemy of Israel, as His tool.

Then there is the prophecy against Egypt.  This one is a bit more significant because the people of both Judah and Israel fled to Egypt in order to escape the Babylonians.  But that was short lived because Babylon came on down and conquered Egypt as well.  No one was able to escape the wrath of the Babylonians.

Psalm 30 describes a time of celebration for the consecration of the temple.  The center of religious life is lifted up as a gift from God.  It is this very temple that is destroyed by the Babylonians in Ezekiel’s prophecy.  We come full circle here.

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