Day 23 – September 30 , 2023: II Peter 1-3 and Psalm 106-111

There are a variety of things that we could cover for today. It does seem like II Peter focuses on sin and specifically the sin of lust. He speaks about how lust has been the downfall of so many and especially in a communal sense. He talks about the earth during the time of Noah and how God destroyed it. He talks about Sodom and Gomorrah and how that was destroyed. He describes lust as that which strongly gets in the way of an individual living out his life in the way of Christ. A false prophet, who is described at length in II Peter, could easily be one who may be called by God to proclaim His message but his entanglement with lust prevents him from hearing God’s words clearly or seeing the plans that God has for him and his people. If you look at II Peter 3:8-10 these are very powerful verses that we can come back to and take assurance in. They are also verses that bring this song to mind, especially the end of it.

When we get to the Psalms they are also very varied. We see the Psalmist go over the disobedience of the Israelites and how Moses “stood it he breach” in order to save them from God’s wrath. We find this theme repeated where God saves the Israelites from their sin, but then they sin again, and again and again. With Jesus we read that God has sent his son in order to save us once and for all. That even in the midst of our sin the wrath of God is appeased. Jesus is the one who is in the breach today and forever. The cycle doesn’t repeat itself because God chose an unconditional covenant, which is completely different from the conditional covenant which needed to be constantly revised because we would inevitably break it.

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