Day 75 – December 7, 2023: II Samuel 16-18 and Psalms 4-5 and 7

David continues his journey out of Jerusalem to safer ground where he can flee from Absalom. But he does have a few moles left behind, including one who changes the advice given to the king. Hushai counters the advice of Ahithopel and as a result sets up David for victory. Before that takes place Ahithopel recognizing that the king did not listen to him takes his own life. Wow, there is a lot of intruige in all of this.

Even while David is readying for battle and send out his troops he still cares for and loves his son. He wants to make sure that his son is spared. But that doesn’t happen, and the details of his death are pretty gruesome. We find in the Psalms, our later readings, a plea for deliverance from his enemies. Both Psalm 4 and 5 are pleas and Psalm 7 gives us a song against Cush who some say is this guy in II Samuel 16 who cursed at David as he fled from Jerusalem.

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