Day 50 – November 6, 2023: Joshua 1-3 and Acts 1-3

There are some days that there is so much to say about the Scripture that you wonder how it is all going to fit into a single blog, today is one of those days. We have the iconic Scripture in chapter 1 of Joshua where God tells him to be strong and courageous. God has equipped him, just as he has equipped us, to do all of God’s work that he has set before us. It is time for the Israelites to enter into the land that God has promised them. Joshua is going to lead them since Moses has died. Joshua has all that he needs, and the people of God have all that they need, in order to enter that land.

The story of Rahab is always a bit disconcerting for me. I believe that God will only act in ways that reflect righteousness, so when Rahab lies and is rewarded, it concerns me. But I do love how Rahab, a simple prostitute, hosts the two spies, no explanation is given as to why the spies find themselves in the house of a prostitute overnight but we can assume. Rahab then is found again in the lineage of Jesus, a foreign prostitute who makes up Jesus’ blood lines. I love that.

Finally, the ark of the covenant goes before the soldiers into battle. But notice what the priests have to do in order for the people to cross into the promised land. They have to stand in the Jordan which was chilly and cold and was overflowing its banks, before the people can cross over. This image of taking an incredible risk before God is going to act is one that repeats itself in Scripture and also repeats itself in our own lives. We will not see the glory of God unless we are willing to give ourselves completely to God.

Then you have the three chapters in Acts with the ascension of Jesus and the choosing of Matthias as the twelfth disciple. You have the day of Pentecost that comes and gives the power of the Holy Spirit to the entire church. You have the disciples at the end of chapter 2 living together in a communal style where they share all things. The final chapter that we read we have Peter who heals a man but gives the credit to Jesus as a reminder that the disciples of Jesus, even after Jesus is no longer around, still have the power of the Holy Spirit which heals and which brings about signs and wonders. Whew, that is a lot.

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