Day 118 – February 2, 2024: Amos 6-9, Obadiah 1, Proverbs 10

The baseline for the first two Scriptures, Amos and Obadiah, is continual prophecies against the nations of Israel and Juday because of their unfaithfulness by following other gods. This should be a theme that you have heard before because it is so recurring. Judah has disobeyed God and so has been destroyed. But be sure that you don’t laugh at Judah, oh northern kingdom of Israel, because you are also going to be destroyed. Interestingly historically it is Israel that is taken off into exile and then Judah.

Proverbs also provides the basic teaching that if you do what the Lord requires He will provide you with blessings. But if you disobey then you will experience of life which is a repercussion for your disobedience. Now, we know that this isn’t always true, but there is a certain wisdom that is imparted which mentions that a wise and hard working son brings pleasure to the father and lazy son brings ruin to a mother. Yeah, that’s the truth.

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