May 17, 2022: Day 105 – I Kings 20-22 and Proverbs 4-5

We find ourselves in the last chapters of I Kings and the last day of king Ahab.  Remember, Ahab is that king who along with his wife Jezebel had that battle of the gods on Mount Carmel with the prophet Elijah.  He, along with the southern King, Jehosophat, are surrounded by yes sayers in the prophets around them who told them that they should go into battle against Aram.  But only one prophet, Micah, tells teh two kings the truth, they will be scattered o the battle field, meaning they would be defeated.  

They choose not to listen and go into battle and are defeated and Ahab is killed.  That ends the book of I Kings and the kingdom is still divided, even though they worked together for their own defeat here.

We then pick up in Proverbs with an extolling of wisdom as what we ought to be pursuing.  There are some who see in wisdom, the greek it would be Sophia.  Interestingly there is a whole movement in regards to Sophia almost defining her as a goddess.  

Chapter 5 gives the reader a chance to see the perils of adultery, and reminds the reader that it is probably better to “drink water from your own cistern.”  That’s a great euphemism for don’t cheat on your spouse.

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