May 2, 2020: Day 91- Song of Solomon 8

We are going to focus on verses that I use often during weddings.  Look at vs.6-8 and you will see verses that are some of my favorites for when I join a man and a woman as a husband and wife.  Look at vs.6 and the NRSV, that is the translation that I use, speaks of passion fierce as the grave.  Some translations use the word jealousy which is not at all accurate to what the Hebrew states.  The passion that we ought to have for our spouse ought to be as fierce as the grave.  

Vs. 7 is even more powerful for that setting as it speaks of the power of love which cannot be quenched no matter how hard we try.  Or if we do try, then we would be utterly scorned.  You cannot buy love, which I guess is something for which I need supporting evidence.  Find it below.

I guess this is a bit of a mic drop.  Nothing like ending our time together with the Beatles.  Looking forward to our next Challenge!

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